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Experts in Valuing Small to
Medium Sized Businesses

We have appraised and valued organizations across wide range of types and sizes. These include businesses involved in manufacturing, printing, wholesale, distribution, franchises, trades, services,
e-commerce, and retail.

We are committed to providing independent business valuation services tailored to meet your specific needs.​

As part of our internal quality system, every valuation report we produce is peer reviewed by second business valuer before being released.

David Ferraz - Argus Business Valuations

David Ferraz is our primary business valuer.

He is a Registered Business Valuer through the AIBB. He is also a Certified Business Valuer through the Australian Valuers Institute. 

David has over 17 years of experience in appraising, valuing, and selling businesses. As such he has a deep understanding of the market prices that are achieved when businesses are sold in the real world.

David also holds a variety of qualifications and certifications that include:

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