Argus Business Valuations

We prepare professional business valuations for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Preparing to sell a business
  • Buying a business
  • Family law matters
  • Partnership disputes
  • Court and other legal matters
  • Financial planning
  • Tax purposes, including moving a business from one entity to another

Our aim is to produce valuation reports that are easy to read, logically presented and backed by sound evidence.

How long does a business valuation take to be completed? We are mindful that you would like to have your business valuation completed as quickly as possible. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire and provide some financial and other business documentation. As soon as you provide this to our office, we will begin work on your report and will aim to have it ready for you within two weeks from that date.

Experience: Our valuers not only have extensive experience in valuing businesses, they have also sold many businesses. This means that they are in tune with the real selling prices being achieved in the marketplace. We evaluate all aspects of your business and consider a wide variety of valuation methods when coming to our opinion of value.

(Many other professionals offering valuation services only look at the financials and do not consider other important business details that strongly affect value. They also often have limited or no access to market data on actual business sales)

Our main valuer, David Ferraz, has an MBA in Finance and Accounting and has been accredited as a Registered Business Valuer by the Australian Institute of Business Brokers, and a Certified Business Valuer by the Australian Valuers Institute.

Call us on 1300 922 088 or contact us now to discuss how we can help you with your business valuation requirements.